Daily Lessons for Teaching The Sacred Journey; a Memoir of Early Days

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Daily Lessons

Lesson 1

Objective: Frederick Buechner is the main character in the book. Learn about Buechner, his ideas and opinions on life and religion, and purpose for writing the book.

1) 1. Discuss the role of Frederick Buechner in the story. Who is Buechner? What is Buechner's job? What is Buechner's relationship with others? What is Buechner's role in his family? What are Buechner's credentials? Who might help Buechner with his memoir and life's journey? Explain.

2. Write a 750 word bio on Frederick Buechner. Include his background, personal and professional lives, the likelihood of writing future memoirs, and relationship to the church. Include as much information as possible about Buechner's moral character and potential actions regarding his life's path.

3. Write a 500 word essay on Buechner's explanation of his moment of truth. Include the events leading up to the epiphany as well as the actions and events that occur around Buechner at the time...

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