The Sacred Journey; a Memoir of Early Days Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapter Abstracts


* Reader is introduced to Frederick Buechner.

* Buechner is a 50 year old writer.

* Buechner decides to write his memoirs to learn about God's instructions.

* Buechner believes that everyone can hear God through introspection.

* Buechner struggles to hear God through the noise present in every day.

* Buechner turned this epiphany into "Alphabet of Grace."

* Buechner likes to reminisce to see if he is on track.

* Buechner thinks that he has never fully gown up.

* Growing up does not end with adulthood.

Once Below a Time, Section 1, pp. 9-18

* Buechner discusses Dylan Thomas.

* The author examines early childhood mentality.

* Buechner introduces the concept of "once below a time."

* Eden is used as a metaphor.

* Buechner talks about the end of the universe.

* Living in the now is vital.

* Buechner's childhood is recalled.

* The Land of Oz is discussed for the first time.

* Buechner adores Oz's King Rinkitink.

* Buechner compares King...

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