The Running Dream Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Why is Jessica upset after her leg surgery?

Jessica is upset because she does not believe that she will be able to live a normal, happy life anymore. Jessica is also convinced that she will never be able to run again.

2. What is the significance of Jessica’s first running dream?

Jessica’s first running dream is also the memory of the last trace race she ever ran. She beat her competition, Vanessa Steele, and set a record for her team.

3. What is Jessica most frustrated about right after her surgery?

Jessica is mostly frustrated about the fact that she cannot get around as easily as she used to. This frustration is especially evident when she tries to go to the bathroom for the first time on her own and ends up wetting herself.

4. Why does Jessica feel overwhelmed being in the hospital after her surgery?

Jessica cannot stand the proximity of the people and things around her. She cannot stand the smell of all the flowers, is often annoyed by the doctors and nurses, and does not want to take anyone’s calls or visits.

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