Objects & Places from The Running Dream

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The Running Dream

Jessica experiences this in a recurring fashion after her BK amputation. It involves her going on her usual morning run around her neighborhood with her dog, Sherlock.

The Running Leg

Jessica’s track team raises money for her to get this $20,000 prosthetic. With the prosthetic Jessica is able to get back into running and participate in the ten-mile River Run with her friend, Rosa.

Lucas the Bear

Fiona brings this object to comfort Jessica when she is in the hospital after her surgery.


This is where Jessica has her below-the-knee amputation following the car accident.


Although this is where Jessica has spent her entire life, it feels very different to her when she returns from the hospital, due to a ramp that has been installed outside and having been moved to sleep downstairs.


This is one of Jessica’s favorite restaurants...

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