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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In what city does the main character live in?
(a) San Juan
(b) New York
(c) San Francisco
(d) Los Angeles

2. Which of the following characters does Paul say is drunk constantly?
(a) Moberg
(b) Yeamon
(c) Lottermon
(d) Zimburger

3. Where did Al move his family?
(a) To the USA
(b) Near the airport
(c) Near the sports stadium
(d) To a nearby island

4. Who takes the seat Paul reserves for the girl?
(a) A teenage boy
(b) An old man
(c) An old lady
(d) A steward

5. Who does Paul become friends with in this section?
(a) Lotterman
(b) Zimmerman
(c) Sanderson
(d) Clive

6. What does Yeamon suggest that Paul get for himself?
(a) A car
(b) A motorbike
(c) A push bike
(d) A scooter

7. Where does Sala invite Paul to go with him?
(a) A carnival
(b) The Casino
(c) A local resort
(d) The University

8. In what month does the main character leave for Puerto Rico?
(a) October
(b) Febuary
(c) January
(d) December

9. What is Al's full name?
(a) Al Carlos Tevez
(b) Al Arbonito
(c) Al Roberto
(d) Al Dunga

10. Who does Paul talk to first thing the next morning?
(a) Segarra
(b) Yeamon
(c) Lotterman
(d) Al

11. What does the main character want to do before he boards his plane?
(a) Say good bye to his ex wife
(b) Buy a watch
(c) Get drunk
(d) Get laid

12. What was the name of Al's pianist?
(a) Gordon Jim
(b) Johnny Ubell
(c) Horace Vimto
(d) Nelson Otto

13. What are Yeamon and Chenault doing when Paul arrives?
(a) Sleeping
(b) Cycling
(c) Swimming
(d) Fighting

14. Who are rioting outside the office?
(a) Students
(b) Union strikers
(c) American tourists
(d) San Juan housewives

15. What is the name of Yeamon's girlfriend?
(a) Chenault
(b) Pauline
(c) Gwen
(d) Mara

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Paul accuse the old man of sitting on?

2. What does Paul say is Segarra's role on the newspaper?

3. Who does Paul talk to at the beginning of Chapter 4?

4. What are Yeamon and Chenault doing when Paul returns?

5. Who does Lotterman offer the city editing position to?

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