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Short Answer Questions

1. What news does Paul's mother break to him in the hotel bar?

2. Even though Sean promised to drive him, how does Paul end up getting to the bus station?

3. What is the name of Paul's mother?

4. In which room of Vittorio's house does Sean awaken after he passes out from the drugs?

5. Who complains of cigarettes being put out in her mailbox?

Short Essay Questions

1. What scene does Paul return home to when he gets off the bus from Boston?

2. What happens when Sean goes to the hospital to visit with his sick father?

3. How does the mystery girl react to her devastation of being ignored by Sean at the party?

4. What happens when Lauren finally confronts Sean about sleeping with Judy?

5. Who is Clay, and why has he moved to Camden?

6. What type of relationship does Sean have with Rupert?

7. Why does Lauren think that Victor is dead, and how does she react to this news?

8. Who is Richard Jared?

9. What type of interaction does Paul have with the cab driver who takes him from the bus stop to the hotel in Boston?

10. How has Richard changed from the last time Paul saw him when they were in high school?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe the opening scene of the novel. Do you think it is an effective opening to the novel? Why or why not? What is accomplished in introducing all the characters at once in one raucous party scene? What is lost?

Essay Topic 2

What are Victor's three main desires during his European vacation? List each of his desires and describe at least one scene in which he attempts to satiate that desire. Do you think Victor is acting selfishly on his vacation, or do you think he earned this time to himself? Why?

Essay Topic 3

This novel is often seen as an homage to the death of romance. Do you agree with this analysis of the novel? Why or why not? Are there any instances of true love in the novel? If so, where? If not, do you think any of the characters are capable of true love? Why?

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