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Short Answer Questions

1. In what state did Paul's ex-girlfriend used to live, the girl that Paul's mother still thinks he is dating?

2. How does the mystery girl prepare for the party where she is sure she will leave with Sean?

3. What does Paul want the receptionist at the hotel to call him when he checks in?

4. How does Sean react when he hears that the mystery girl committed suicide?

5. How does Sean's friend react when he finds him unconscious, full of Acitifed tablets?

Short Essay Questions

1. What type of relationship does Sean have with Rupert?

2. What happens when Lauren calls Victor for the first time since he left for Europe?

3. How does the mystery girl react to her devastation of being ignored by Sean at the party?

4. Who is Clay, and why has he moved to Camden?

5. Who is Richard Jared?

6. Who is Vittorio, and what type of relationship does he have with Lauren?

7. What happens when Lauren finally confronts Sean about sleeping with Judy?

8. What happens when Sean and Lauren spend the night together for the first time in his room?

9. How has Richard changed from the last time Paul saw him when they were in high school?

10. What type of interaction does Paul have with the cab driver who takes him from the bus stop to the hotel in Boston?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Throughout the novel, the reader watches as the mystery girl's love for Sean grows into obsession. First, describe what the reader learns about the mystery girl through her letters to Sean. Then, explain how the letters gradually grow into obsession. Finally, explain what happens when Sean rejects the mystery girl at a party. How does she react when her heart is broken?

Essay Topic 2

What type of relationship does Sean have with his family, particularly the men in his life? What does the reader learn about Sean's family dynamics during the scene in the hospital room? How does this scene illustrate Sean's relationship with death? How does the understanding of Sean's relationship with his family help to explain his relationship with Lauren?

Essay Topic 3

Unrequited love is prominent theme throughout the novel. Choose at least two instances of relationships considered to be unrequited love. Then compare/contrast the reasons behind this unrequited love. Why can't it be reciprocated? Then, explain the results of this unrequited love in the characters' lives. Why might Ellis claim that unrequited love is the most dangerous kind of love?

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