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Short Answer Questions

1. What nationality are the men who approach Victor at the nude beach and teach him to sing songs in their native language?

2. How does Sean feel when Candice and Mitchell go home together after the party?

3. Which of the following is NOT one of the ways Lauren fantasizes about Victor while he is on vacation?

4. How old was Sean when he dated the hippie girl?

5. What color hair does Daniel Miller have?

Short Essay Questions

1. According to Sean's perspective of the evening, what happens when he leaves the party and goes back to Paul's house?

2. How does Paul react when he hears that someone is dropping love notes in Sean's mailbox?

3. What is the opening scene of the novel?

4. What happens when Paul invites Sean out for Mexican food?

5. What event prevents Paul from meeting Sean for their "date"?

6. What connection does the drug addict Marc make to his addiction and JFK's assassination?

7. What type of relationship does Lauren have with her parents?

8. Who does Paul meet on the bus on the way to Boston?

9. What happens when Sean attempts to have sex with Deirdre after the party?

10. What type of mysterious letters are being dropped in Sean's mailbox, and who does he think the letters are from?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Lauren's relationship with Vittrio is clearly a turning-point in her character's life. First, describe the character of Vittrio and how he and Lauren found themselves in a romantic relationship. Then, explain Sean's reaction to the news of Lauren's relationship with Vittrio. How did this affair alter their own relationship? Finally, explain how Lauren's relationship with Vittrio can be traced back to her childhood insecurities. What does this relationship tell the reader about the maturity of her character?

Essay Topic 2

When Paul hears that his parents are getting divorced, he has two reactions: an initial reaction and a delayed reaction. First, describe the two reactions Paul has to the news of the divorce. Why do you think his reactions differ so greatly? Then, explain how the news of his parents' divorce affects the way Paul views the romances in his own life? Do you think the news of his parents' divorce muddles Paul's view of love or gives him greater clarity? Why?

Essay Topic 3

Many of the characters in this novel can be seen as escapists, meaning that they escape the truth of their lives through various vices. First, create a list of methods through which characters escape their lives. Then, give at least one example of a character who successfully escapes the truth of their life and compare/contrast that experience to another character who does not succeed in escaping the truth of their lives. What do you think Ellis's overall message about escapism is in this novel?

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