The Rules of Attraction Character Descriptions

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Sean Bateman

This character is from a very wealthy family but keeps it a secret. He is deeply immature and spends most of the novel trying to discover who is leaving mysterious love letters in his mailbox.

Lauren Hynde

This character is an art student who dabbles in poetry. She has a terrible relationship with their mother and is lovesick over an ex who is traveling through Europe, and she tries to numb this pain with various unhealthy relationships.

Paul Denton

This character smokes pot, drinks heavily, is very promiscuous, and travels to Boston to hear divorce news.

Victor Johnson

This character spends the novel on a European vacation, falling out of touch with friends back home.


This character is a young Freshman who breaks up a homosexual relationship.


This character is a rude high-school friend who lives in Boston.


This character stays close with...

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