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Pages 13 thru 23

• The novel opens with a scene in a drunken college party where an unnamed girl finds herself very attracted to a drama student named Daniel Miller. She is desperate to lose her virginity tonight.

• The unnamed girl settles for going home with another man, whom she is not so interested in but wakes up with both of the men from the party in her bed. She cannot remember which she lost her virginity to because she was so drunk.

• Meanwhile, a man named Sean is attracted to a girl who goes home with someone else. While lusting after this girl, he is approached by Deirdre and decides to bring her home instead.

• At the same time, many other characters are introduced: Paul, Mitchell, Candice, Katrina, Lauren, Victor, and Steve. All of these characters meet, interact, and go home with various partners from the party.

Pages 24 thru 39

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