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Short Answer Questions

1. How old is Napoleon in Chapter 4?

2. What does Edward do for a living?

3. Where does Joe find the gas can he thinks the attacker had?

4. How far does Joe live from school?

5. What color bathrobe does Joe's father wear in Chapter 4?

Short Essay Questions

1. What type of bike does Cappy have, and what is the condition of the bike?

2. How does Joe describe Cappy's family?

3. How did the Indians get around the prohibition to not practice their religion before 1978?

4. In Chapter 4, what does Joe visualize that the attacker did?

5. What does Grandma Thunder make for the boys to eat in Chapter 4?

6. How does Joe describe his mother and her sister?

7. What does Joe realize about judges and how does his father fit the stereotype?

8. What does the gas can look like that Joe finds in the lake?

9. What does Joe take with him when he goes to the round house early in the morning in Chapter 4?

10. Before his mother is hurt, what did Joe usually do after school?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Characters struggle with internal and external conflicts. What is the main conflict in the novel? How do characters deal with that conflict? Is it more of an internal or external conflict? How does that conflict affect the plot and the storyline?

Essay Topic 2

Joe’s relationship with Linda changes throughout the novel. What does Joe think of Linda at first? What makes his opinion change? Why does Joe come to respect and trust Linda?

Essay Topic 3

The Round House could fit into several different genres. What are some of the genres that could categorize the novel? What is the most appropriate genre category and why?

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