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This is what Joe steals from Cappy’s father and uses to kill Linden Lark. Linda later scatters this item in pieces in a river and sloughs on backroads.

Mayla's File

This is what Geraldine is attacked for and contains the name of the father of an illegitimate baby girl.

Case Files

These are what Bazil reviews in order to find suspects who might have attacked his wife.

Pillow Case

This covered Geraldine’s face when she was raped, so she would not know where she was attacked and to make it difficult to establish a jurisdiction for the crime.


These were what Lark was going to use to burn Geraldine and Mayla, but Geraldine urinates on them so they will not light.

Gas Can

This is something Joe finds in the lake that he and police believe belonged to Geraldine’s attacker.

Diamond Earrings


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