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Author Interview

Write ten questions that you would ask the author if you could interview her.

Louise Erdrich - Novels

Read another novel written by Erdrich.

Map It

Draw a map of the reservation and surrounding towns.

Ojibwe Tale

Read an Ojibwe legend or story. Discuss it with a group.


Discuss with a group what clan you might belong to if you had a choice and why.


Research the Ojibwe people and write a brief history.

Joe's Home

Create a diorama of Joe's home.

Family Portrait

Sketch a portrait of Joe and his family.


Create a family tree for Joe and his extended family.

Live from the Scene

Imagine that you are a television news reporter and report the story live from the construction site when they find Mayla's body.

Geraldine's Diary

Write a diary entry that Geraldine might have written after the attack.

Book Review

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