The Round House Character Descriptions

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Joe Coutts

This character is 13 when his mother is raped. He kills his mother's attacker with the help of his best friend.

Bazil Coutts

This character is a tribal judge who does what he can to gain justice for his people and for his wife when she is raped.

Geraldine Coutts

This character is a tribal enrollment specialist, who struggles to deal with an attack and rape.


This character lives with his father and brother since his mother died. He is killed in a car accident trying to see the girl he loves.

Linden Lark

This character received a kidney transplant from a twin and is a cruel and evil person who attacks and rapes a woman because she helped a woman he loves.

Linda Wishkob

This character was abandoned by her mother when she was born because she was deformed, and she was raised by an Indian...

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