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Chapters 1-2

• Joe and his father are pulling saplings from the foundation of their home on a Sunday afternoon.

• Bazil goes inside to call his wife who went to get a file from work, and he goes to take a nap.

• Joe works the rest of the afternoon, and then he reads one of his father’s legal books.

• When Bazil wakes, Geraldine still has not returned.

• So Bazil and Joe borrow Geraldine’s sister Clemence’s car.

• They drive to Geraldine’s office, but she is not there.

• On their way into town, they see her car heading toward home.

• Bazil thinks that Geraldine may have forgotten it was Sunday and went into town for groceries.

• When Bazil and Joe get home, Geraldine is still sitting in her car.

• When Bazil opens the car door, he sees that Geraldine is bruised and bleeding.

• Although Bazil tells Joe...

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