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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The poet refers to "this white killer" as being what in "For Mrs. Hawkins"?
(a) "Empty-minded."
(b) "Mentally sick."
(c) "Strong-willed."
(d) "An evil monster."

2. What figure cited in "Liberty Needs Glasses" is also known as Geronimo ji-Jaga?
(a) Prince Geronimo.
(b) Geronimo Davis.
(c) Geronimo Jones.
(d) Geronimo Pratt.

3. "Or My Soul" is dedicated to whom?
(a) "Dads."
(b) "Uncles."
(c) "Moms."
(d) "Aunts."

4. To whom did the poet dedicate "When Ure Hero Falls"?
(a) "My Father."
(b) "My Hero."
(c) "My Hero My Father.
(d) "My Hero My Mother."

5. Where was George Jackson shot to death?
(a) Pelican Bay State Prison.
(b) San Quentin Prison.
(c) High Desert State Prison.
(d) Folsom Prison.

Short Answer Questions

1. To whom is "Family Tree" dedicated?

2. Where was Huey Newton born?

3. Who was Tupac Shakur's stepfather?

4. Shakur writes in "Family Tree," "I was the tree who grew from" what?

5. What is the first line of "How Can We Be Free"?

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