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Section 1

• "The Rose That Grew from Concrete" by Tupac Shakur begins with an autobiographical poem of the same name.

• The poem speaks of a rose that grew in the crack of concrete and how it proved nature wrong because it learned to walk without feet.

• Shakur claims that because the rose kept its dreams, it was able to live a long life.

• In "In the Depths of Solitude," Shakur writes about how solitude might help him find his true calling and peace of mind, things which seem to elude the poet.

• The poem refers to a dual personality, two people that live inside the poet and how he considers himself to be "a young heart with an old soul."

• "Under the Skies Above" speaks of Shakur's feelings about a child that was lost to a miscarriage.

• Shakur believes that the baby is living somewhere, just waiting for the...

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