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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Jealousy want to lock away?
(a) The narrator.
(b) Venus.
(c) Bialacoil.
(d) Lechery.

2. What does Daungter represent?
(a) Self-respect.
(b) Happiness.
(c) Danger.
(d) Anger.

3. In this allegory, how is it assumed that a woman will respond to a man?
(a) Wickedly.
(b) Coldly.
(c) Eagerly.
(d) Gingerly.

4. Cupid tells the narrator that a lover must shun which trait?
(a) Villainy.
(b) Lust.
(c) Recreaundyse.
(d) Courtesy.

5. The new style that takes over The Romance of the Rose focuses on what kind of traits?
(a) Philosophical.
(b) Physiological.
(c) Natural.
(d) Romantic.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which adjective best describes the guards of the castle?

2. How many arrows does cupid shoot at the narrator?

3. What does De Lorris use to describe the garden?

4. What does Bialacoil's welcoming nature personify?

5. What role does Hope take?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the significance of the springtime in the story?

2. Who is Vekke?

3. How is the story of Narcissus an example of foreshadowing?

4. What does love feel like for the narrator?

5. What does Daunger represent?

6. Describe the tone De Lorris uses to describe the narrator's entrance to Mirth's garden.

7. Describe Reason.

8. Why is the narrator's request to kiss the rose a turning point in the novel?

9. Who is Bialacoil?

10. What message does the allegory relay about the way a woman reacts to a man's interest?

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