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The Roseappears in Lines 1691 onwards - This item is the ultimate goal of the narrator.

The Walled Gardenappears in Line 135-146; 654-72; 1347-1468 - This is the place near the river filled with exotic trees and frolicking animals.

The Hedge appears in Lines 1652-4145 - This is the item surrounding the rose garden.

The Fountainappears in Lines 1455-1648 - This item sits under the tallest tree and holds two magical crystals.

Cupid's Arrowsappears in 1715-1926 - These items represent Beauty, Simplesse, Courtesy, Company, and Fair-Semblant.

The Vicesappears in Lines 147-474 - These items are excluded from Courtly Love.

The Virtuesappears in Lines 729-1300 - These items spend time in Courtly Love.

The Crystalsappears in Lines 1567-1649 - These items make their admirer fall in love.

The Castleappears in Lines 4150 onward - This item is built by Jealousy.

Fireappears in Lines 3705-3755; Lacuna 2 - This item is brought...

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