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Lines 1-20 | Lines 21-48

• The narrator describes a dream he had 5 years ago, when he was 20, which he believes to be symbolic of the truth and art of love.

Lines 49-146 | Lines 147-474

• In May, the narrator dreams of following a path to a garden where there are vices painted on the wall representing those traits not allowed into courtly love.

Lines 475-644 | Lines 645-1308

• The narrator enters the garden and meets Sir Mirth's court, including Fraunchyse and Courtesy.

Lines 1309-1454 | Lines 1455-1548

• Cupid stalks the narrator, possibly in an attempt to make him fall in love, until the reader sits by a well and learns about the story of Narcissus.

Lines 1549-1705 | Lines 1706-1926

• The narrator looks into the well and begins to seek the rose, representing a woman, after he is shot by Cupid five times.

Lines 1927-2950

• Cupid tells the narrator that he can be...

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