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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After Adeline's kidnapper testifies, what does the judge do?
(a) He throws out the witness.
(b) He throws a fit.
(c) He postpones the trial.
(d) He has the Marquis arrested.

2. How does La Motte act in the time before he is to kill Adeline?
(a) Paranoid.
(b) Crazed.
(c) Restless.
(d) Withdrawn.

3. What do Adeline and La Motte talk about when she visits him in Chapter 23?
(a) His health and her health.
(b) Mrs. La Motte's indifference to his situation.
(c) What will be expected of her at the trial.
(d) Adeline's past.

4. To whom does the man who kidnapped Adeline say she was given to be raised?
(a) The Varnous.
(b) The d'Aunoys.
(c) The Du Francs.
(d) The Grenards.

5. What does Louis ask Adeline for when they meet in Chapter 19?
(a) Information about his father.
(b) Five minutes alone.
(c) Her hand in marriage.
(d) Money.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who did the man who kidnapped Adeline think her mother was?

2. What did La Motte do to the Marquis soon after he arrived at the abbey?

3. What about the letter transfixes the Marquis?

4. Where does La Luc's doctor suggest he go to improve his health?

5. What does La Motte tell Adeline he has no power to do?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens to Adeline when she arrives in Savoy in Chapter 16?

2. What happens when La Motte enters Adeline's room to murder her?

3. What does La Motte tell the Marquis after Adeline leaves in Chapter 15? What does the Marquis do to La Motte?

4. Who does Adeline find out she is related to in Chapter 24? What does this person bring to Adeline?

5. What information does D'Aunoy reveal with his testimony in Chapter 23?

6. Where does La Luc's family meet M. Amand? How do Adeline and Amand strike up a friendship?

7. What does La Luc tell Verneuil is proof of how much he likes him?

8. What does the valet give to the Marquis? How does the Marquis react to the item?

9. In Chapter 21, what information do we learn the Marquis had against La Motte, which allowed the Marquis to control him?

10. Who is Du Bosse? Why is he angry with the Marquis?

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