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This is a unit of measurement.


This is where La Motte stops to spend the night after fleeing from Paris.

Forrest of Fontanville

This is where the abbey is located.


This is the town where La Motte hopes he can find a place to hide from his creditors.


This is where Peter goes for supplies and furniture.

The River

This is where Adeline often goes to read.

St. Clair's Abbey

This is where the La Mottes set up house after leaving Paris.

Ruins of a Tomb

This is where La Motte hides the loot he steals from the Marquis.

Rusty Dagger

This is what Adeline suspects was used to kill her father.

Small Roll of Paper Tied with a String

This was written by a prisoner in the abbey.

Inn at Baux

This is where Adeline and Theodore go after escaping from the Marquis'...

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