The Romance of the Forest Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapters 1 and 2

• La Motte and his wife leave Paris in secret. They are running from creditors.

• Outside of Paris, La Motte's driver becomes unsure of the way. La Motte goes to a nearby house to ask for directions.

• La Motte is taken prisoner inside the house for hours. He is granted freedom by promising to take a young woman named Adeline into his custody.

• La Motte and his group travel on to Monville. Adeline falls ill and they remain there for several days.

• La Motte's group enters the Forrest of Fontanville. They encounter an abbey in ruins.

• After the carriage wheel breaks, La Motte's group returns to the abbey. They discuss staying there permanently.

• Peter is sent to town to find food and find out about the abbey.

• Peter finds out the abbey belongs to a rich nobleman and it is rumored a man was formerly imprisoned there...

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