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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Steve bring to Daisy's?
(a) Dog food
(b) Dinner
(c) Flowers
(d) Beer

2. How would you describe the station manager's attitude?
(a) Good-natured
(b) Hyper
(c) Silly
(d) Condescending

3. How does Steve attempt to solve Daisy's problem?
(a) Fires her
(b) Finds a safe house
(c) Moves in
(d) Hires security guard

4. What happens in the elevator? Steve kisses Daisy Lights go out
(a) Steve kisses Daisy
(b) Lights go out
(c) Bob urinates
(d) It gets stuck

5. What news does Daisy get via police scanner?
(a) Tornado alert
(b) House is on fire
(c) Sound of gunfire
(d) Major freeway accident

6. What topic gains the most attention at the radio station?
(a) Shock jocks
(b) Traffic jams
(c) Dog advice
(d) Promotional giveaways

7. Where does Steve go when he moves from his townhouse?
(a) Daisy's
(b) Radio station
(c) Hotel
(d) A new house

8. Who is hired to help Daisy?
(a) Jane
(b) Bob
(c) Charlene
(d) Elsie

9. What injury is suffered by the regular reporter in the accident?
(a) Concussion
(b) Death
(c) Broken leg
(d) Sprained ankle

10. Who sends Daisy on a reporting assignment?
(a) Cops
(b) Steve
(c) Co-worker at radio station
(d) No one - she goes on her own

11. What is the main theme in this chapter?
(a) Lust
(b) Relationships
(c) Food
(d) Money

12. Where did Daisy meet the new helper?
(a) The internet
(b) At the nursing home
(c) In a garage
(d) At the mall

13. What excuse does Steve use to take Daisy to dinner?
(a) To discuss her book
(b) Learning radio equipment
(c) No time to eat otherwise
(d) Show off his new car

14. What does Daisy cook for Bob?
(a) Hamburger
(b) Stir fry
(c) Quiche
(d) Steak

15. What quality does Steve pick up at his new place?
(a) Paranoia over security
(b) Becoming domestic
(c) Desire to sleep late
(d) Becoming a neat freak

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the first name of the station manager?

2. What does Steve's car represent?

3. What is Steve's hope for Daisy?

4. What project is the most successful for Daisy?

5. How is Steve feeling about Daisy?

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