The Rocky Road to Romance Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Why was Steve unwilling to dress more casually for the office?

Because he felt that his job required a more professional look.

2. Why is Daisy intimidated by Steve?

Daisy is intimidated because Steve is the station manager, forbidding in his appearance, and does not seem to like her very much.

3. Why was Steve shocked to hear the on air traffic reporter swear?

Frank, the traffic reporter, is an experienced professional and clearly something went wrong.

4. Why is it inappropriate to swear on live radio?

It is against regulations and the station could be fined. It is also unprofessional.

5. Why is it necessary to have so many types of equipment for reporting?

To get information from various sources and report accurately.

6. Why are Steve's employees so fond of him?

Because he is a laid back and fun boss.

7. Why does Daisy work so hard at various jobs?

Daisy needs money for bills, school, and to take care of her younger brother, Kevin.

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