Objects & Places from The Rocky Road to Romance

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Washington D.C.

Location of radio station, WZZZ.

Dog Treats

Topic of Daisy Adams' book

Traffic Car

Item destroyed in Frank's accident with the garbage truck.


News medium for Steve Crow.


Dog adopted by Steve to impress Daisy.

Daisy's Car

The items that causes public disturbances and is a bone of contention with Daisy and Steve.

Steve's House

A large spur-of-the-moment purchase

Elsie's Cadillac

Iconic item for Elsie to showcase her flair for the dramatic

Amusement Park

Place of torture for Officer Schmidt

Mrs. Crow's Engagment Ring

Item given to Daisy under false pretenses.

Fire Bombing

Incident that happens at Steve's house

Daisy's Dissertation

Daisy's main focus in regard to her schoolwork.

Outdoor Grill

One item Steve is unable to conquer

Spaghetti Sauce

Steve's secret weapon of seduction

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