The Rocky Road to Romance Fun Activities

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Learning about Radio

Visit a radio station and view the various jobs.

Creating your own Recipes

Create a dog food recipe and make it at home or in class.

Publish a Book.

Collect recipes and put together a small book for fun. The book could be used as a school fundraiser.

Learn about Various Types of Dogs.

Visit a dog shelter and learn about the various animals.

Discuss How to Take Care of a Dog or Puppy.

Using the Internet, research how to take care of a dog. Visit a vet's office if possible.

Become a Dog Walker

Dogs require walks during the day. In small groups or as a class, spend the afternoon walking dogs borrowed from friends and family or from a local shelter.

Class discussion: Elsie

Discuss Elsie's personality and why she is such an important part to the story. Do you know anyone like...

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