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Essay Topic 1

Daisy Adams, graduate student, is also the author of "Bones for Bowser," a cookbook containing recipes for dogs. Daisy has an idea to share her dog food recipes on radio station WZZZ. Although Steve Crow, the station owner and manager is not keen on the idea, Daisy is relentless until Steve gives in to the idea.

What gave Daisy the nerve to think she would be able to do the job with no radio experience? What might Daisy have done to convince Steve that the new radio spot would be a hit?

Essay Topic 2

Daisy has a hectic schedule and is constantly tired. Why does Daisy take on so many jobs? What is Daisy's criteria for working as a volunteer? What kind of volunteer work have you done?

Essay Topic 3

Steve sees Daisy as a quirky mess and nuisance, a woman that is certainly not his...

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