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• Reader meets Steve Crow, wealthy station operations manager for WZZZ, an all-talk news radio station
• Steve thrives on news radio and especially traffic reports because they increase the station's ratings
• Reader meets Frank Menken, the midday traffic reporter and an experienced pro

• Frank has a mishap on the road and swears on the air, getting cut off by the editor

Chapter 1

• Reader meets Daisy Adams, a graduate student who works at WZZZ as the Dog Lady, dispensing recipes for dog food.
• Frank Menken has been in an accident and has broken his leg. Steve looks for a replacement but no one wants the job.
• Daisy begs for a shot at the traffic reporting job and Steve reluctantly accepts.

• Steve takes Daisy out on the road and while Daisy is utterly intimidated, Steve finds himself attracted to this quirky woman

Chapter 2

• Daisy is left on her own after...

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