Objects & Places from The Rocking-Horse Winner

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The Rocking Horse

Paul rides this to find out the winners of the horse races.

Paul's Blue Eyes

The author refers to this physical character trait throughout the story.

The House

This whispers to Paul and his sisters that it is short of money.

The Horse Track

Uncle Oscar takes Paul here when he wants to make some extra money.

The Horses

These win Paul a total of 80,000 pounds.

Richmond Park

Uncle Oscar takes Paul and Barrett here to talk about their potential partnership.


No matter how much of this Paul gives his mother, it is never enough.

Paul's Room

As he gets older, Paul asks for his favorite toy to be taken here.

The Nursery

This is where Paul is first introduced to his favorite toy.


After Paul's mother tells him that she has never had this, Paul goes out his way to prove that...

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