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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What possibility makes Daneel's testimony that Fastolfe is innocent of little use?
(a) If Fastolfe ordered Daneel not to consider him guilty.
(b) If Fastolfe kept everything secret from Daneel.
(c) If Fastolfe erased parts of Daneel's memory.
(d) If Fastolfe had coached Daneel to say that.

2. What does Amadiro think about the Auroran society?
(a) It is the last hope for the Spacer worlds.
(b) It is the best of the Spacer worlds.
(c) It is adequate to expand colonization.
(d) It is emotionally more advanced than others.

3. What is Amadiro gleefully planning to do?
(a) Take over Fastolfe's lab.
(b) Send Baley back to Earth.
(c) Marry Vasilia.
(d) to destroy Fastolfe's political power.

4. How does Amadiro classify Baley?
(a) As a fish out of water.
(b) As a bumbling fool.
(c) As a waste of his time.
(d) As an uninfluential Earth person.

5. For the third time, what happens in Baley's mind?
(a) He goes Outside in the airfoil.
(b) He almost remembers something important.
(c) He gets beaten up.
(d) He falls asleep in Gladia's arms.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Gremionis keep his distance from Baley?

2. How does Daneel describe his and Baley's relationship?

3. What does Vasilia deny Baley?

4. Rejected by Vasilia, to whom does Gremionis turn to offer his affections?

5. What does Vasilia think Fastolfe is doing with Gladia and Baley?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Baley find the character of Amadiro?

2. How does Baley argue that Daneel might be able to control other robots?

3. Explain how Baley gets in to see Kenden Amadiro, head of the RIA.

4. What is Amadiro's goal for creating humaniform robots in the RIA?

5. What does Vasilia have to say about Fastolfe's fascination with Baley and Gladia?

6. Why is the consideration of sins of commission and omission irrelevant to robots?

7. What would be the outcome if Fastolfe ordered Daneel not to consider him guilty of Jander's destruction?

8. Why does Giskard interrupt while Baley is asking Daneel about the role of the Chairman in Auroran government?

9. Describe the ride in the airfoil back to Fastolfe's house.

10. Explain how Baley's meeting Gremionis in the Personal breaks an Earth taboo.

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