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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What idea does Vasilia question?
(a) Baley knows what he's talking about.
(b) Reprogramming a robot is a crime.
(c) Putting a robot out of commission is murder.
(d) Robots are recreating themselves.

2. What is Amadiro gleefully planning to do?
(a) Take over Fastolfe's lab.
(b) Marry Vasilia.
(c) Send Baley back to Earth.
(d) to destroy Fastolfe's political power.

3. What fact causes Baley to doubt his ability to do detective work on Aurora?
(a) He is limited by time.
(b) He does not understand their language.
(c) He has no legal authority there.
(d) He understands so little of the culture.

4. How many robots does Baley suggest would mistake Daneel for human?
(a) Forty.
(b) Twenty.
(c) All of them.
(d) One hundred.

5. What is clear about the breakdown of the airfoil?
(a) It is an older model.
(b) It resulted from tampering at the RIA.
(c) It has run out of fuel.
(d) It fails during electrical storms.

6. What does Baley promise Gremionis he will try?
(a) To keep his name out of conversations.
(b) To reward him for his help.
(c) To put in a good word with Gladia.
(d) to do his best to keep him out of trouble.

7. Why are Daneel and Giskard worried about Baley using the public Personal?
(a) They have to go in with him.
(b) They fear he may be shy.
(c) They do not know who is inside.
(d) They cannot accompany him.

8. The morning after the storm, what suggestive remark does Daneel make to Baley?
(a) He talked all night in his sleep.
(b) He was stupid for leaving the airfoil.
(c) He hinted that Baley should sleep with him.
(d) He was well cared for overnight.

9. Under what condition does Fastolfe agree to join the RIA?
(a) That robots be limited to gathering data.
(b) That robots be accompanied by people in colonization.
(c) That Earth be invited to join the confederation.
(d) That Earth be free to colonize without fear of retaliation.

10. How does Amadiro classify Baley?
(a) As a bumbling fool.
(b) As a waste of his time.
(c) As an uninfluential Earth person.
(d) As a fish out of water.

11. What does Baley say he is trying to find out about Vasilia?
(a) If she is an accomplice to Jander's murder.
(b) If she is attracted to him.
(c) If she knows who killed Jander.
(d) If she had a relationship with Janer.

12. Why does Gladia think no one really cares about Jander?
(a) Because she is a Solarian.
(b) Because he was flawed.
(c) Because he knew too much.
(d) Because he ignored the three rules.

13. What does Vasilia think Fastolfe is doing with Gladia and Baley?
(a) Helping them find hapiness.
(b) Using them for experimentation.
(c) Getting them to spy for them.
(d) Throwing up a smoke screen.

14. What do the robots know about Gremionis?
(a) His criminal record.
(b) Nothing.
(c) His entire history.
(d) His educational background.

15. Who does Baley meet in the Communal Personal?
(a) Gladia.
(b) Vasilia.
(c) Gremionis.
(d) Fastolfe.

Short Answer Questions

1. Aside from being addressed in the Personal, what other occurrence disturbs Baley?

2. Why does Daneel praise Giskard when they are in the airfoil?

3. What indicates to Baley that humans on Aurora do not really think of robots as equals?

4. What does Vasilia deny Baley?

5. What does Baley admit to Gladia about the upcoming hearing?

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