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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Baley begin taking Giskard's opinion more seriously?
(a) Because Vasilia trusts him so much.
(b) Because Fastolfe may have overlooked Giskard.
(c) Because he has known the principles for a long time.
(d) Because Daneel refuses to make comments.

2. What idea does Vasilia question?
(a) Robots are recreating themselves.
(b) Reprogramming a robot is a crime.
(c) Putting a robot out of commission is murder.
(d) Baley knows what he's talking about.

3. Rejected by Vasilia, to whom does Gremionis turn to offer his affections?
(a) Susan Calvin.
(b) Daneel.
(c) Giskard.
(d) Gladia.

4. What does Baley think might be the reason Gladia slept with him?
(a) Pity for a poor Earthman.
(b) An attempt to find out what he knows.
(c) To see if he remembers Solaria.
(d) Loneliness for Jander.

5. To what does Baley compare Gremionis's behavior?
(a) An Earth teenager.
(b) A guilty suspect.
(c) A suspicious character.
(d) A mad scientist.

6. What does Vasilia threaten to do against Fastolfe?
(a) Go public if she must.
(b) Take him to court.
(c) Burn his papers.
(d) Kill him.

7. What possibility makes Daneel's testimony that Fastolfe is innocent of little use?
(a) If Fastolfe kept everything secret from Daneel.
(b) If Fastolfe had coached Daneel to say that.
(c) If Fastolfe ordered Daneel not to consider him guilty.
(d) If Fastolfe erased parts of Daneel's memory.

8. What happens between Baley and Gladia?
(a) They have an argument.
(b) They cannot sleep.
(c) They go to separate rooms.
(d) They go to bed together.

9. What does Vasilia think Fastolfe is studying in regard to Gladia?
(a) Her adaptation to a robotic marriage.
(b) Her intelligence.
(c) Her grieving process.
(d) Her impressionability.

10. In what way does Daneel disagree with Vasilia's perception of Fastolfe?
(a) Believing Fastolfe is cruel.
(b) Believing Fastolfe is innocent.
(c) Believing Fastolfe abused Vasilia.
(d) Believing Fastolfe is really Vasilia's father.

11. Who wants to have a relationship with Gladia?
(a) Daneel.
(b) Fastolfe.
(c) Vasilia.
(d) Gremionis.

12. What is the main agenda at the meeting with the Chairman?
(a) Why Jander was put out of commission.
(b) Who killed Jander.
(c) How more humaniform robots can be built.
(d) Who should explore and settle the Galaxy.

13. What assurance does Baley get while coming back to reality?
(a) Amadiro is not there.
(b) Daneel is safe.
(c) He is not dead.
(d) Fastolfe saved his life.

14. Why are Daneel and Giskard worried about Baley using the public Personal?
(a) They have to go in with him.
(b) They cannot accompany him.
(c) They fear he may be shy.
(d) They do not know who is inside.

15. How does Daneel describe his and Baley's relationship?
(a) Casual and brief.
(b) Master and slave.
(c) Soul mates.
(d) Partners and friends.

Short Answer Questions

1. Baley vaguely aware of what as he regains consciousness after being caught in the storm?

2. How many robots does Baley suggest would mistake Daneel for human?

3. From Gremionis's house, who does Baley call?

4. What gives Baley the idea that something is up involving a third person?

5. What is clear about the breakdown of the airfoil?

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