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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What assurance does Baley get while coming back to reality?
(a) Fastolfe saved his life.
(b) Daneel is safe.
(c) He is not dead.
(d) Amadiro is not there.

2. At what point is aggression removed from inhabitants of Aurora?
(a) During the embryonic stage.
(b) During their sleep.
(c) During elementary education.
(d) During adolescence.

3. What happens between Baley and Gladia?
(a) They have an argument.
(b) They cannot sleep.
(c) They go to bed together.
(d) They go to separate rooms.

4. How does Daneel describe his and Baley's relationship?
(a) Soul mates.
(b) Casual and brief.
(c) Master and slave.
(d) Partners and friends.

5. To what does Baley compare Gremionis's behavior?
(a) A mad scientist.
(b) An Earth teenager.
(c) A guilty suspect.
(d) A suspicious character.

6. For the third time, what happens in Baley's mind?
(a) He falls asleep in Gladia's arms.
(b) He goes Outside in the airfoil.
(c) He almost remembers something important.
(d) He gets beaten up.

7. What does Baley think might be the reason Gladia slept with him?
(a) An attempt to find out what he knows.
(b) To see if he remembers Solaria.
(c) Pity for a poor Earthman.
(d) Loneliness for Jander.

8. What does Vasilia deny Baley?
(a) Food or drink.
(b) Introduction to the RIA.
(c) Access to her papers.
(d) Use of her Personal.

9. What is Amadiro gleefully planning to do?
(a) Send Baley back to Earth.
(b) to destroy Fastolfe's political power.
(c) Marry Vasilia.
(d) Take over Fastolfe's lab.

10. What causes Amadiro to change his behavior while Baley is in his office?
(a) A call from Vasilia.
(b) The rumble of thunder.
(c) A fire alarm.
(d) The sounds of a riot.

11. Why does Daneel praise Giskard when they are in the airfoil?
(a) Because of his night vision.
(b) Because of his piloting skills.
(c) Because of his ability to calm Baley.
(d) Because of his ability to turn off his senses.

12. What does Vasilia think of Earth sentiments?
(a) She wants to study them.
(b) She knows nothing about them.
(c) She covets them.
(d) She scorns them.

13. What idea does Vasilia question?
(a) Baley knows what he's talking about.
(b) Putting a robot out of commission is murder.
(c) Reprogramming a robot is a crime.
(d) Robots are recreating themselves.

14. What gives Baley the idea that something is up involving a third person?
(a) Giskard's refusal to speak.
(b) Gremionis's fear of retribution.
(c) Vasilia's nervousness.
(d) Daneel's assurance that everything is fine.

15. What does Baley point out could potentially cause the RIA's plan to expand the Galaxy with robots to fail?
(a) If they cannot produce the robots.
(b) If they cannot control the robots.
(c) If they can do without robots on Aurora.
(d) If the robots refuse to help.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Gremionis keep his distance from Baley?

2. Who does Baley meet in the Communal Personal?

3. The morning after the storm, what suggestive remark does Daneel make to Baley?

4. What does Vasilia think Fastolfe is doing with Gladia and Baley?

5. What is the main agenda at the meeting with the Chairman?

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