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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the robots know about Gremionis?
(a) His educational background.
(b) His criminal record.
(c) Nothing.
(d) His entire history.

2. What is Amadiro gleefully planning to do?
(a) to destroy Fastolfe's political power.
(b) Take over Fastolfe's lab.
(c) Send Baley back to Earth.
(d) Marry Vasilia.

3. In discussing Gladia and her marriage to Jander, how does Amadiro show that he knows about the relationship?
(a) Amadiro describes them as a couple.
(b) Amadiro is not surprised when Baley tells him.
(c) Amadiro had unguardedly used the word husband.
(d) Amadiro talks about Jander's marriage.

4. How does Amadiro classify Baley?
(a) As a waste of his time.
(b) As a bumbling fool.
(c) As an uninfluential Earth person.
(d) As a fish out of water.

5. What does Vasilia threaten to do against Fastolfe?
(a) Kill him.
(b) Burn his papers.
(c) Take him to court.
(d) Go public if she must.

6. Why does Baley say the RIA needs Daneel, the only living humaniform robot?
(a) To keep him from taking over Aurora.
(b) To study how he is constructed.
(c) To hold him until Fastolfe agrees to make more.
(d) To make him get information from Fastolfe.

7. What gives Baley the idea that something is up involving a third person?
(a) Gremionis's fear of retribution.
(b) Daneel's assurance that everything is fine.
(c) Vasilia's nervousness.
(d) Giskard's refusal to speak.

8. Rejected by Vasilia, to whom does Gremionis turn to offer his affections?
(a) Giskard.
(b) Daneel.
(c) Gladia.
(d) Susan Calvin.

9. What is the main agenda at the meeting with the Chairman?
(a) Why Jander was put out of commission.
(b) How more humaniform robots can be built.
(c) Who should explore and settle the Galaxy.
(d) Who killed Jander.

10. Why does Baley begin taking Giskard's opinion more seriously?
(a) Because Fastolfe may have overlooked Giskard.
(b) Because Vasilia trusts him so much.
(c) Because Daneel refuses to make comments.
(d) Because he has known the principles for a long time.

11. Why does Vasilia really want to use the Psychic Probe on Baley?
(a) It has to do with humaniform robotics.
(b) It has to do with the political rift on Aurora.
(c) She wants to plant suggestions in his mind.
(d) She wants to destroy his mind.

12. How does Daneel describe his and Baley's relationship?
(a) Master and slave.
(b) Partners and friends.
(c) Soul mates.
(d) Casual and brief.

13. For the third time, what happens in Baley's mind?
(a) He gets beaten up.
(b) He goes Outside in the airfoil.
(c) He almost remembers something important.
(d) He falls asleep in Gladia's arms.

14. What causes Baley to overcome his fear of being out in the storm?
(a) A post-hypnotic suggestion.
(b) Thinking about Gladia.
(c) Allowing Daneel to leave without him.
(d) Shame of appearing weak before the robots.

15. What does Giskard claim he has when Baley asks Daneel a political question?
(a) A friend who knows all about Auroran politics.
(b) An order not to talk about politics.
(c) Books on Auroran politics.
(d) More knowledge of Auroran politics.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the only good thing Gladia mentions about Solaria, her home planet?

2. Why are Daneel and Giskard worried about Baley using the public Personal?

3. Why does Gladia think no one really cares about Jander?

4. Who does Baley meet in the Communal Personal?

5. What are the moral standards now back on Earth?

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