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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Baley and Fastolfe meet again, what do they discuss?
(a) The differences between them.
(b) Their respective families.
(c) The need for better communication.
(d) Society's obsessions and the risks of this mission.

2. Who is the only surviving humaniform robot?
(a) Giskard.
(b) Jander.
(c) Daneel.
(d) Fastolfe.

3. How does Demacheck feel about Baley's investigation?
(a) She knows that Baley will fail.
(b) She thinks he will solve the mystery quickly.
(c) She thinks a woman would be better than a man.
(d) She doubts if Baley can succeed.

4. What does Vasilia insist RIA will do?
(a) Ultimately surpass Fastolfe's achievement.
(b) Inevitably duplicate Fastolfe's achievement.
(c) Finally coerce Fastolfe into cooperation.
(d) Clone Fastolfe's robots.

5. What is symbolic as Baley returns to see Gladia?
(a) A tile falls from her roof.
(b) The house next to hers catches fire.
(c) A storm is approaching.
(d) Black birds gather at her house.

6. Why do most Aurorans want to send humaniform robots to colonize other planets?
(a) They understand the longevity of robots.
(b) They are too complacent to explore.
(c) They are too sure of disaster.
(d) They know robots can easily be replaced.

7. What/who is the murder victim in the mystery Baley is called to solve?
(a) A scientist who builds robots.
(b) A well-known entertainer.
(c) A member of the Auroran legislature.
(d) A humaniform robot.

8. Who brings Baley the astrosimulator of his own volition?
(a) The ship's captain.
(b) Giskard.
(c) Fastolfe.
(d) Daneel.

9. What is Baley attempting to determine in his investigation?
(a) What, when, and where.
(b) Means, opportunity, and motive.
(c) Ways, timing, and concentration.
(d) Cause and effect.

10. What does Baley fail to get when questioning robots about Jander?
(a) Any useful information.
(b) Any response at all.
(c) Any fear about talking.
(d) Any hint of jealousy.

11. What happens to Baley as he observes the ship's descent to Aurora?
(a) He panics.
(b) He relaxes.
(c) He freezes.
(d) He laughs.

12. Because modern robots weigh matters qualitatively, what does Fastolfe say is prevented?
(a) Confusion.
(b) Experimentation.
(c) Overdose.
(d) Freeze-out.

13. What vocation of Gladia's brings her together with Jander?
(a) She designs robotic software.
(b) She administers his routine physical checkup.
(c) She teaches Solarian language.
(d) She designs robotic clothing.

14. What does Baley realize he would be willing to do?
(a) Resign and return to Earth.
(b) Kill Giskard if he harms Daneel.
(c) Like Giskard more than he likes Daneel.
(d) Die defending Daneel.

15. How does Asimov get across the poor conditions back on Earth?
(a) Through conversations between Baley and his family back home.
(b) Through Baley's descriptions of his home planet.
(c) Through having Baley explain Earth to Giskard.
(d) Through Baley's thinking how he will miss Auroran luxuries.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Baley need before visiting Aurora?

2. What physical feature of Fastolfe amuses Baley?

3. What phobia do the Aurorans have that causes them to avoid people from Earth?

4. What is it that Baley cannot get Daneel to do?

5. What makes Earth humans likely candidates for future colonization according to Fastolfe?

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