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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Vasilia agree to speak with Baley?
(a) With Giskard in the room with them.
(b) By astral telepathy.
(c) With assurance he will not ask about her father.
(d) For five minutes via trimensic channel.

2. Although there is no perceived threat, what does Daneel think best?
(a) That Baley should stay close to Gladia.
(b) That Baley should quit and go back home.
(c) That he and Giskard continue to guard Baley.
(d) That Baley should wear armor.

3. What amazes Baley as his investigation gets underway?
(a) How helpful the Aurorans are.
(b) How well he copes with his agoraphobia.
(c) How Daneel and Gaskard leave him alone.
(d) How clear the sunlight is on Aurora.

4. Whose idea is it to colonize new planets with people from Earth?
(a) Baley's.
(b) the Federation's.
(c) Fastolfe's.
(d) Dr. Carver's.

5. What is symbolic as Baley returns to see Gladia?
(a) The house next to hers catches fire.
(b) Black birds gather at her house.
(c) A storm is approaching.
(d) A tile falls from her roof.

6. How does Fastolfe suggest Baley recall the idea that got away from him before he fell asleep?
(a) By putting it out of his mind for a while.
(b) By taking reverse steps.
(c) By calling an astrologer.
(d) By using a Psychic Probe.

7. What makes Earth humans likely candidates for future colonization according to Fastolfe?
(a) Their expendability.
(b) A history of exploration.
(c) A crowded world and short life span.
(d) A sense of adventure.

8. What is Baley's wife's fear about his trip to Aurora?
(a) That Baley will resume his relationship with Gladia.
(b) That he will fail and be disgraced.
(c) That he will not survive the trip.
(d) That the Aurorans will kill him.

9. How does Baley bluff Vascilia into answering his questions about Gremionis?
(a) He tells her that he knows she was in the house when Jander died.
(b) He claims that the Globalist Conference is supporting him.
(c) He says he cannot prove her alibi.
(d) He says he is going public with new information.

10. Because of his nervousness, what event does Baley barely notice on board the Auroran spaceship?
(a) The disappearance of Giskard.
(b) The stopover on Orion I.
(c) The food service on the last night.
(d) The jump into hyper-space.

11. What is the Globalist objection to galactic expansion by Earth people?
(a) They are inferior intellectually.
(b) They are agressive and warlike.
(c) They are wasteful and inefficient.
(d) They are behind the times.

12. To where does Fastolfe say Earth humans have swept natural indigenous species?
(a) Into extinction.
(b) Onto other planets.
(c) Into zoos.
(d) Into memory.

13. Where does Vasilia work?
(a) Robotics Institute of Aurora (RIA).
(b) Globalist Conference headquarters.
(c) Auroran Space Agency.
(d) Humaniform Development Agency.

14. What does Daneel tell Baley will happen on Aurora?
(a) He will be disguised as a humaniform robot.
(b) He will not understand the Auroran language.
(c) He will be welcomed by Aurorans.
(d) He will be kept away from Aurorans.

15. What is Gladia's origin?
(a) Solaria.
(b) Aurora.
(c) Mars.
(d) Earth.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the purpose of Fastolfe's throwing the spicer at Baley?

2. When Baley and Fastolfe meet again, what do they discuss?

3. What social convention of the Aurorans takes some getting used to for Baley?

4. What/who is the murder victim in the mystery Baley is called to solve?

5. What brings Baley out of a deep sleep?

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