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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What social convention of the Aurorans takes some getting used to for Baley?
(a) The use of leisure time.
(b) The behavior toward humaniform robots.
(c) The social caste system.
(d) The complex dining ceremonies.

2. What does Baley realize he would be willing to do?
(a) Die defending Daneel.
(b) Kill Giskard if he harms Daneel.
(c) Like Giskard more than he likes Daneel.
(d) Resign and return to Earth.

3. What does Fastolfe suggest will doom humanity in the future?
(a) Allowing robots to take over.
(b) Not facing challenges.
(c) Creating more humaniform robots.
(d) Becoming complacent.

4. What is necessary for conversation to conform to the humaniform mindset?
(a) Speaking in algorithms.
(b) Speaking slowly.
(c) A logical line of questioning.
(d) Allowing for long pauses to process information.

5. Where does Vasilia work?
(a) Humaniform Development Agency.
(b) Auroran Space Agency.
(c) Robotics Institute of Aurora (RIA).
(d) Globalist Conference headquarters.

6. What is a noticeable prejudice among a majority of Earth people?
(a) Travel to Space.
(b) Humanoid robotics.
(c) Working on the Outside.
(d) The use of robots.

7. In the case of dismantling R. Jander Panell, what term is finally applied?
(a) Andriod murder.
(b) Roboticide.
(c) Mechanicide.
(d) Automaticide.

8. Because of his nervousness, what event does Baley barely notice on board the Auroran spaceship?
(a) The stopover on Orion I.
(b) The disappearance of Giskard.
(c) The food service on the last night.
(d) The jump into hyper-space.

9. What is Baley's clinical problem?
(a) Acute sleep apnea.
(b) Acute agoraphobia.
(c) Acute arachnidophobia.
(d) Acute acrophobia.

10. What is Baley's wife's fear about his trip to Aurora?
(a) That he will fail and be disgraced.
(b) That the Aurorans will kill him.
(c) That Baley will resume his relationship with Gladia.
(d) That he will not survive the trip.

11. What brings Baley out of a deep sleep?
(a) Wake up drugs.
(b) A knocking on his door.
(c) Daneel shaking him gently.
(d) Auroran chimes.

12. What convenience is Baley said to have become a master at utilizing?
(a) The moveable sidewalk transportation system.
(b) The ability to talk in the Personals.
(c) Getting free food from the automat.
(d) Docking shuttles onto a spacecraft.

13. What bluff does Baley attempt to pull on Fastolfe?
(a) That he may have found the key to an answer.
(b) That he knows who killed Jander.
(c) That Gladia confessed to killing Jander.
(d) That Daneel told him why Jander was killed.

14. What does Baley fail to get when questioning robots about Jander?
(a) Any response at all.
(b) Any useful information.
(c) Any hint of jealousy.
(d) Any fear about talking.

15. What appears to offend Giskard?
(a) Being ordered to lie.
(b) Being compared to Daneel.
(c) Being ovelooked.
(d) Being called "boy."

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Gladia admit about her brief encounter with Baley three years ago?

2. What does Fastolfe deny to Baley?

3. Baley finally become acclimated to what?

4. What physical feature of Fastolfe amuses Baley?

5. What was the purpose of Fastolfe's throwing the spicer at Baley?

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