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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 18, Again The Chairman (Parts 75-79).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Demacheck feel about Baley's investigation?
(a) She knows that Baley will fail.
(b) She doubts if Baley can succeed.
(c) She thinks he will solve the mystery quickly.
(d) She thinks a woman would be better than a man.

2. Why does Baley suddenly realize Amadiro stalled him in his office?
(a) To make him miss his appointment with Fastolfe.
(b) To give him time to make up an alibi.
(c) To make him have to face the storm.
(d) To make him miss his transportation.

3. What does Baley realize he would be willing to do?
(a) Kill Giskard if he harms Daneel.
(b) Like Giskard more than he likes Daneel.
(c) Resign and return to Earth.
(d) Die defending Daneel.

4. Baley finally become acclimated to what?
(a) Talking with robots.
(b) Using the astrosimulator.
(c) Measuring time by the decimal system.
(d) Being locked in his cabin.

5. What is Baley's wife's fear about his trip to Aurora?
(a) That the Aurorans will kill him.
(b) That Baley will resume his relationship with Gladia.
(c) That he will not survive the trip.
(d) That he will fail and be disgraced.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Gladia say she moved to Aurora?

2. What is Baley's clinical problem?

3. What happens to Baley as he observes the ship's descent to Aurora?

4. Aside from being addressed in the Personal, what other occurrence disturbs Baley?

5. What is Gladia's origin?

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