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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 16, Again Gladia (Parts 66-69).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What physical feature of Fastolfe amuses Baley?
(a) Cleft palate.
(b) Bulging eyes.
(c) Prominent ears.
(d) Large nose.

2. What does Vasilia do when Baley asks if the Jander scandal is being used to manipulate Fastolfe?
(a) Get up and walk out.
(b) Turn white.
(c) Laugh in his face.
(d) Change the subject.

3. For whose sake does Baley appeal to Vasilia to help him?
(a) For the sake of her affection for Jander.
(b) For the sake of Giskard.
(c) For the sake of all her father had done for her.
(d) For the sake of Gladia.

4. What is Baley attempting to determine in his investigation?
(a) Cause and effect.
(b) What, when, and where.
(c) Ways, timing, and concentration.
(d) Means, opportunity, and motive.

5. What does Baley declare about Gremionis?
(a) He has the means to destroy Jarden.
(b) He knows who killed Jarden.
(c) He is an RIA agent.
(d) He is Vasilia's lover.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who brings Baley the astrosimulator of his own volition?

2. What is a noticeable prejudice among a majority of Earth people?

3. What frustration does Baley encounter as they near Aurora?

4. Why does Baley conclude that Gladia must have felt some shame about her relationship to Jander?

5. Aside from being addressed in the Personal, what other occurrence disturbs Baley?

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