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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13, Amadiro (Parts 52-54).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Daneel foresee will be a problem for Baley?
(a) His Earth clothes.
(b) His reputation for drama.
(c) His inability to think logically.
(d) His ignorance of common social customs.

2. How is Baley transported to Aurora?
(a) In a comfortable Auroran spaceship.
(b) In a time/space travel machine.
(c) On a commercial freight ship.
(d) In a robot spaceship.

3. What does Vasilia insist RIA will do?
(a) Inevitably duplicate Fastolfe's achievement.
(b) Clone Fastolfe's robots.
(c) Ultimately surpass Fastolfe's achievement.
(d) Finally coerce Fastolfe into cooperation.

4. What is a theory Baley forms as to why Jander froze up?
(a) He was ordered to lie to Fastolfe.
(b) He sensed Fastolfe had feelings for Gladia.
(c) He had a secret relationship with Vasilia.
(d) He possibly sensed Gladia's guilt about their relationship.

5. What does Vasilia think Fastolfe is studying in regard to Gladia?
(a) Her grieving process.
(b) Her impressionability.
(c) Her intelligence.
(d) Her adaptation to a robotic marriage.

Short Answer Questions

1. In the case of dismantling R. Jander Panell, what term is finally applied?

2. How does Vasilia agree to speak with Baley?

3. What does Baley say he is trying to find out about Vasilia?

4. What is Giskard's special name for Vasilia?

5. Why does Fastolfe suddenly pick up a spicer that dispenses condiments?

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