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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 16, Again Gladia (Parts 66-69).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Gladia's distinction in the house where Jander died?
(a) She is the administrator.
(b) She is the gate keeper.
(c) She is the only human.
(d) She is the only robot.

2. Baley vaguely aware of what as he regains consciousness after being caught in the storm?
(a) Fastolfe and Daneel.
(b) Vasilia and a doctor.
(c) A woman and Giskard.
(d) Gremionis and a robot.

3. What causes Baley to overcome his fear of being out in the storm?
(a) Allowing Daneel to leave without him.
(b) A post-hypnotic suggestion.
(c) Thinking about Gladia.
(d) Shame of appearing weak before the robots.

4. What does Baley ask Gladia to allow him to do?
(a) Take samples from Jander's body.
(b) Take photographs of Jander's body.
(c) Examine Jander's body.
(d) Move Jander's body.

5. What does Vasilia do when Baley asks if the Jander scandal is being used to manipulate Fastolfe?
(a) Get up and walk out.
(b) Change the subject.
(c) Laugh in his face.
(d) Turn white.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the surprising relationship between Gladia and Jander?

2. What does Dr. Susan Calvin say violates the First Law of robotics?

3. What indicates to Baley that humans on Aurora do not really think of robots as equals?

4. What does Baley know wIll happen if he fails to prove Fastolfe did not destroy Jander?

5. What are Auroran robots able to handle better than Earth robots?

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