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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 11, Gremionis (Parts 44-48).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Because modern robots weigh matters qualitatively, what does Fastolfe say is prevented?
(a) Freeze-out.
(b) Experimentation.
(c) Confusion.
(d) Overdose.

2. What possibility makes Daneel's testimony that Fastolfe is innocent of little use?
(a) If Fastolfe ordered Daneel not to consider him guilty.
(b) If Fastolfe erased parts of Daneel's memory.
(c) If Fastolfe had coached Daneel to say that.
(d) If Fastolfe kept everything secret from Daneel.

3. What is it that Earth refuses to use as opposed to all other Spacer worlds?
(a) The universal language.
(b) The convenient decimal division of time.
(c) The astrosimulator communications device.
(d) The interstellar hyper-space traveling system.

4. What does Baley realize he would be willing to do?
(a) Like Giskard more than he likes Daneel.
(b) Die defending Daneel.
(c) Resign and return to Earth.
(d) Kill Giskard if he harms Daneel.

5. What bluff does Baley attempt to pull on Fastolfe?
(a) That Daneel told him why Jander was killed.
(b) That he knows who killed Jander.
(c) That Gladia confessed to killing Jander.
(d) That he may have found the key to an answer.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Daneel tell Baley will happen on Aurora?

2. What does Baley suspect Fastolfe may have ordered Daneel to do?

3. Why do most Aurorans want to send humaniform robots to colonize other planets?

4. What amenity is used to test Baley's ability to function on Aurora?

5. What is a theory Baley forms as to why Jander froze up?

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