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This is the largest and strongest of the fifty Spacer worlds established centuries ago by explorers from Earth.

The City

A vast domed structure covering 5,000 square kilometers, this is where 20 million Earth humans live.


The planet of origin of the human race, it has spawned 50 space colonies.

Eos City

Named for the Greek goddess of the dawn, it is the largest and most important city on the Spacer world of Aurora.

Globalists and Humanists

Warring political parties on Aurora, they disagree on how future Spacer colonization should be handled.


This is apparently the universal term for bathroom at the time the Robot Series is set.

Robotics Institute of Aurora (RIA)

A think tank, it is located some 40 km beyond the outskirts of Eos City on the Spacer world Aurora.


This is one of the fifty Spacer worlds established centuries earlier by explorers originally from...

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