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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1, Elijah (Parts 1-5))


Chapter 1, Elijah (Parts 1-5)

The student will be able to identify and discuss the double genre of THE ROBOTS OF DAWN.


1. Teacher lecture: (a) Give a little background on Asimov; (b) Detail what makes a story science-fiction, and what makes a story a mystery.

2. Teacher selects passages from Chapter 1 to orient the class on the story: (a) the former detective work Baley did on the planet Solaria which has been made into a drama and shown throughout the galaxy. (b) The story begins with Baley prepping his son, Ben, and a group of Earth humans for colonization in the galaxy. (c) Baley is called to go to Aurora to solve another mystery that threatens to end the career of Dr. Fastolfe, the foremost roboticist in the Spacer system. (d) The murder in question is that of a humaniform robot (today called an android).

3. Allow time...

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