The Robots of Dawn Character Descriptions

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Elijah Baley

The protagonist of The Robots of Dawn, he is a 45-year-old, grade C-7 City homicide detective whose earlier exploits solving a murder on the planet Solaris have won him fame throughout the universe.

R. Daneel Olivaw

This is the first robot to be given realistic human form whose appearance is so convincing that he is teamed with the protagonist in solving homicides.

R. Giskard Reventlov

This is a non-humaniform robot whose covering is metallic but somehow woven, shifting in color as he moves.

Dr. Han Fastolfe

A master roboticist on the Spacer planet Aurora, he has succeeded in producing the theoretical calculations needed to assemble the Galaxy's first two--and only--humaniform robots that can read and influence human and robotic minds.

Dr. Kelden Amadiro

The Master Roboticist heading the Robotics Institute on Aurora (RIA), he is dedicated to preventing humans from Earth from further colonizing the Galaxy...

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