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Chapter 1, Elijah (Parts 1-5)

• Elijah Baley, a detective on Earth, has gained galactic notoriety because of a drama about his solving a murder on Solaria.

• Baley is preparing his son, Ben, and a group of Earth people to colonize another world.

• Baley is called to Aurora to solve another murder, this time of a humaniform robot.
• Baley at first fears it is his friend, Daneel, who was the murdered robot.

• Earth is overcrowded and dotted with Domed Cities, presumably because of a now hostile Outside environment.

• Baley is given little chance of success with the case because of prejudice against Earth humans who want to colonize the galaxy.

Chapter 2, Daneel (Parts 6-8)

• Right away Baley feels the antagonism of Aurorans to Earth people when he is locked in isolation on the Auroran ship to its home planet.

• Baley is relieved to be greeted by his old friend, R...

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