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Short Answer Questions

1. What does do Marcellus do with Jasper?

2. Why does Demetrius get into a brawl with a Syrian slave while he is in jail?

3. What is the Ecclesia?

4. Why is it that the poor people of Galilee and Tiberias do not make use of the healing powers of the hot springs?

5. What favor did Demetrius do for Fulvius while traveling on the Vestis?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Simon Peter and Marcellus meet on the grassy knoll, what wrongdoings do they admit to one another that they need to repent for?

2. What does Justus make of the Centurian Hortensius's insistence on purchasing Jesse's camel with bone spavin?

3. When Marcellus asks Demetrius about his experiences with Christians in Jerusalem in Chapter 19, why does he seem to arguing with him and interrogating him?

4. Why has it never occurred to Marcellus that being a Roman citizen would ever be an inconvenience?

5. Why does Paulus decide to let Demetrius go free in Chapter 18?

6. When Marcellus arrives at Benyosef's shop in Jerusalem, why is it that he does not find Demetrius there?

7. How does Demetrius compare the ways in which the Roman emperors get armies to give up their lives to the ways in which Jesus commands loyalty?

8. Why does Paulus tell Marcellus that he would be wise to leave for Joppa and make his way back to Rome?

9. How does Justus explain to Marcellus Jesus's idea of people giving things away without worrying about providing for their own dependents?

10. When Marcellus receives a letter from Demetrius who is in Jerusalem, what does Demetrius suggest Marcellus do once he arrives there?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Hariph visits Marcellus in his tent and tells him stories of Jesus healing people, turning water into wine, and feeding a crowd of five thousand with small basket of bread and two fish. Of these stories, why is it that Marcellus believes the story of feeding the people the most? How does this story connect the most for him with the sayings of Jesus?

Essay Topic 2

When Marcellus proclaims that he is a Christian when speaking with Demetrius after Stephanos's stoning, Demetrius ponders that Marcellus declares this with more pride than he ever put into a declaration stating his Roman ancestry. Compare and contrast Marcellus's Roman and Christian affiliations.

Essay Topic 3

Compare and contrast Marcellus's and Justus's views on the acts Jesus is known for doing: turning water into wine, giving Miriam the great gift of singing, Jonathan having his foot healed, Lydia being healed of a longstanding disease and Jesus having a storm obey his command to stop.

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