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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Tiberius tell Marcellus he must choose between?
(a) LIfe or death.
(b) Demetrius or the robe.
(c) Diana or Jesus.
(d) His father or his sister.

2. What does Stephanos do when Marcellus lets him see and touch the robe in Chapter 19?
(a) He shows little interest.
(b) He faints from the privilege.
(c) He goes mad with depression.
(d) He loudly professes his faith.

3. What does Miriam want Justus to tell Marcellus in Chapter 15?
(a) That Jesus did not give her her singing voice.
(b) Everything about Jesus.
(c) That there is no more to tell about Jesus.
(d) They know he crucified Jesus.

4. When Marcellus rhetorically asks Miriam what constitutes freedom, what does she answer?
(a) Being able to walk.
(b) Absence of chains.
(c) The ability to love.
(d) The truth.

5. Why does Paulus state that if a dead man were to come back to life he would rather it be Jesus than Quintus, Julian or Pilate?
(a) Jesus does not get drunk.
(b) Jesus makes people better rather than destroying them.
(c) Jesus is an unknown force to be thought about.
(d) Jesus is easier to look at.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Dodinius?

2. What does Jesse sell to the Centurian named Hortensius?

3. On the night Jesus is on trial, what does his disciple Simon do that makes him sick with remorse?

4. How does Miriam account to Marcellus for her sudden ability to sing?

5. What does Marcellus purchase from Deborah on their way to Sepphoris?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Justus tells Marcellus the story of Lydia touching Jesus's robe and being cured, why does Marcellus believe every word of it?

2. Why does Paulus tell Marcellus that he would be wise to leave for Joppa and make his way back to Rome?

3. How does Justus explain to Marcellus Jesus's idea of people giving things away without worrying about providing for their own dependents?

4. What is making the master-slave relationship between Marcellus and Demetrius more and more difficult to sustain by Chapter 11?

5. When Marcellus receives a letter from Demetrius who is in Jerusalem, what does Demetrius suggest Marcellus do once he arrives there?

6. Why is Celia, Quintus' wife, beside herself with anxiety and jealousy concerning Prince Gaius?

7. Why does Paulus decide to let Demetrius go free in Chapter 18?

8. When Justus tells Marcellus a story about a wealthy nobleman who followed Jesus around and wondered how he could get what Jesus has, what does the man discover he must do?

9. What part of Justus's personality does Marcellus see in Cana that he has not noticed before?

10. What does Justus make of the Centurian Hortensius's insistence on purchasing Jesse's camel with bone spavin?

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