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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Justus becoming suspicious of Marcellus at the beginning of Chapter 14?
(a) Marcellus pretends not to know Demetrius.
(b) He finds the robe in Marcellus's gunny bag.
(c) He asks too many questions.
(d) He cries upon hearing Miriam sing.

2. Why are many merchants coming to the daily suppers at the Ecclesia?
(a) They have found the true faith.
(b) They conduct their business there.
(c) In order to give up all of their wealth.
(d) To make friends for business reasons.

3. What happens when Stephanos speaks to a crowd of priests and well-dressed men from the business district?
(a) Stephanos begins to convert many.
(b) The crowd heckles Stephanos and leaves.
(c) They stone Stephanos to death.
(d) The Roman soldiers arrest Stephanos for inciting a riot.

4. Why is it believed by those at Capri that Diana is being detained against her own wishes?
(a) Someone reads her personal journals.
(b) When her mother visits, Diana cries upon her departure.
(c) She confides in her housemaid.
(d) She is overheard begging the emperor to let her go home.

5. When Marcellus speaks of his irritation over mistreated animals, what subject does his traveling companion bring up in Chapter 12?
(a) Flowers.
(b) Fish.
(c) Roman rule.
(d) Judaism.

Short Answer Questions

1. On their way to Cana, what surprise does Justus tell Marcellus he has for him there?

2. When Jesus calls to say hello to Bartholomew in Capernaum, what name does he call him by?

3. What goes on at the house of Benyosef besides weaving and looming?

4. Who does Justus believe would be a good person for Marcellus to speak to about Jesus?

5. Who, by rumor, will be taking over the Fort at Capernaum?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Marcellus asks Demetrius about his experiences with Christians in Jerusalem in Chapter 19, why does he seem to arguing with him and interrogating him?

2. After Marcellus tells his father of his experiences concerning Jesus, what does the senator advise him to do about it with Tiberius?

3. When Marcellus arrives at Benyosef's shop in Jerusalem, why is it that he does not find Demetrius there?

4. What does Justus make of the Centurian Hortensius's insistence on purchasing Jesse's camel with bone spavin?

5. When Simon Peter and Marcellus meet on the grassy knoll, what wrongdoings do they admit to one another that they need to repent for?

6. Why has it never occurred to Marcellus that being a Roman citizen would ever be an inconvenience?

7. Why is Celia, Quintus' wife, beside herself with anxiety and jealousy concerning Prince Gaius?

8. What incident results in Demetrius having to run away and leave Marcellus?

9. Why does Paulus tell Marcellus that he would be wise to leave for Joppa and make his way back to Rome?

10. How does Justus explain to Marcellus Jesus's idea of people giving things away without worrying about providing for their own dependents?

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