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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Paulus apologize to Marcellus about in Chapter 18?
(a) Not believing in Jesus's powers.
(b) Goading him to put on the robe at the banquet.
(c) Not inviting him to stay overnight.
(d) Arresting his slave.

2. What act of charity does Jonathan perform?
(a) He sleeps in Marcellus's tent rather than his grandfather's.
(b) He gives his donkey to Thomas.
(c) He sleeps with his grandfather rather than in the tent.
(d) He gives every coin he has to Thomas.

3. When Marcellus speaks of his irritation over mistreated animals, what subject does his traveling companion bring up in Chapter 12?
(a) Fish.
(b) Flowers.
(c) Judaism.
(d) Roman rule.

4. With whom does Demetrius find work and a place to live in Jerusalem?
(a) Benyosef.
(b) Barsabas.
(c) Aaron.
(d) Stephanos.

5. While on his journey in the small provinces with Justus, what does Marcellus carry in the bottom on his gunny bag?
(a) A letter from Diana.
(b) A large dagger.
(c) The robe.
(d) Many gold coins.

6. How did Miriam obtain her freedom?
(a) By singing for it.
(b) She paid for it.
(c) By pretending she is happy.
(d) It was a gift.

7. According to the scroll, the emperor sends Marcellus in Athens. What does he want Marcellus to do?
(a) Come to Capri as a teacher.
(b) Marry Diana.
(c) Go to Palestine.
(d) Stay in Athens.

8. On the night Jesus is on trial, what does his disciple Simon do that makes him sick with remorse?
(a) He disbelieves in Jesus's miracles.
(b) He turns Jesus in to the authorities.
(c) He denies knowing Jesus.
(d) He does not fight off the Roman soldiers.

9. How does Demetrius respond to Lucia when she says it may not hurt the slaves to be happy this one time?
(a) He says he has forgotten he is a slave.
(b) He thanks her for her generosity.
(c) He wonders who has a right to tell others when they may be happy.
(d) He tells her she has lost control of her house.

10. Who is Dodinius?
(a) The builder of Diana's villa.
(b) The emperor's oracle reader.
(c) The emperor's butler.
(d) Prince Gaius' son.

11. What does Tiberius tell Marcellus he must choose between?
(a) LIfe or death.
(b) Diana or Jesus.
(c) His father or his sister.
(d) Demetrius or the robe.

12. Why is Justus becoming suspicious of Marcellus at the beginning of Chapter 14?
(a) He cries upon hearing Miriam sing.
(b) He asks too many questions.
(c) Marcellus pretends not to know Demetrius.
(d) He finds the robe in Marcellus's gunny bag.

13. How does Marcellus react to Justus's realization that he and Demetrius both know Benjamin?
(a) Marcellus questions Justus about Demetrius's character.
(b) Marcellus admits he knows Demetrius.
(c) Marcellus asks about Demetrius and his whereabouts.
(d) Marcellus glosses over it.

14. What does Demetrius decide he must do after the incident with Quintus in Chapter XI?
(a) Hide in Benjamin's home.
(b) Run away and hide.
(c) Marry Theodosia.
(d) Give himself up.

15. What happens when Stephanos speaks to a crowd of priests and well-dressed men from the business district?
(a) The Roman soldiers arrest Stephanos for inciting a riot.
(b) They stone Stephanos to death.
(c) The crowd heckles Stephanos and leaves.
(d) Stephanos begins to convert many.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Demetrius do to Tribune Quintus Lucian?

2. What does Marcellus intend to do with all of the homespun goods he has and does not need?

3. How does Marcellus react to seeing and hearing Miriam sing?

4. When Jesus calls to say hello to Bartholomew in Capernaum, what name does he call him by?

5. What goes on at the house of Benyosef besides weaving and looming?

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