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This is the fort where Marcellus is to be stationed.


This is where Marcellus and his men spend the Passover week and where Marcellus oversees the crucifixion of Jesus.

The Vestris

This is the ship on which Marcellus returns to Rome after being stationed in Minoa.


This is the ship on which Marcellus and Demetrius sail for Greece.


This is where Marcellus and Demetrius travel after Marcellus' breakdown.

The House of Eupolis

This is where Marcellus's father had stayed while studying in Athens as a young man and where Marcellus is welcomed.

The Robe

This is the garment worn by Jesus and taken from him during his crucifixion. It's the garment Marcellus wins in a game of chance and the garment which Marcellus comes to believe has supernatural powers.

Villa Jovis

This is the place where the emperor lives and where Diana stays after...

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