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Lesson 1 (from Chapters I through IV)


Chapters 1 through 4

In Chapter 1, Lucia meets two new slaves who are young twin sisters. The slaves are very nervous and Lucia treats them tenderly. This lesson will explore Lucia's changing attitude toward slaves.


1. Whole Class Discussion: At what point does Lucia change the way she is speaking to Helen and Nesta? What accounts for her sudden change in attitude? How does Lucia answer Marcellus when he asks why she is so considerate of these slaves? What might Lucia's empathy towards slaves foreshadow?

2. Small Group Discussion: The class will be divided into small groups of three or four. They will discuss Lucia's changing attitude toward the slaves. How does she view herself in comparison to slaves? Does this change her treatment of them? How does her attitude toward the Macedonian twin slaves carry over to others? Can Lucia's newly-found considerate actions be a sign of empathy...

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