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Reversal Love Scene

Diana is in love with Marcellus but he has never realized it. Write a scene taking place in the garden when they know Marcellus must go off to Minoa. In this scene, Marcellus is in love with Diana, who has never noticed him before in that way.

Draw a Comic Strip

Draw in comic form the scene where Paulus and Marcellus duel. Do not forget word bubbles!

A Pictue With Words

Describe the drawing in Chapter 6 of the soldiers gambling at Calvary. Tell what the picture is trying to convey in words only.


Write an obituary for the Galilean, Jesus. Write it as though it were written by either Marcellus or Demetrius.

Write a Movie Scene

As though you are writing a scene from a movie, rewrite the scene between Benjamin and Demetrius in Chapter 9. Do not forget to include direction for the actors...

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