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Essay Topic 1

"The most dangerous implement a man can use for the repair of a damaged relationship is an abject apology." Explain the meaning of this statement made by Marcus Gallio. Do you agree with this statement? Why?

Essay Topic 2

Describe Marcus Gallio's attitude toward slaves. Why does he choose to purchase slaves more privately than others do? Why does he sometimes pay more than he has to for his slaves?

Essay Topic 3

Marcellus is ordered to command the fort in Minoa. What are Marcellus's tactics for taking command of the fort? What obstacles must he overcome in order to assert his authority?

Essay Topic 4

On the road to Jerusalem, Demetrius sees the Galilean, Jesus, for the first time. How is Demetrius affected by the sight of Jesus? How are those around Jesus responding to him? What is different about Demetrius's response? What does Demetrius have in common...

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