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Chapters I through IV

• Marcellus is the only son of Cornelia Gallio and her husband, a senator, and brother of Lucia.

• Lucia recounts the fact that her father spoke harshly against a local official, Gaius.

• Immediately after, Marcellus laughs openly at a long-winded ode to Gaius.

• Lucia confides in Marcellus that she was the subject of Gaius's unwanted attention and rebuffed him.

• Lucia is certain the events will incite Gaius to anger
• Marcellus receives instructions to report for military duty and discovers he's being sent to Minoa, a forsaken outpost fraught with danger in the form of Bedouin tribes and boredom that result in fights among the men. The post is just outside Palestine.

• Marcellus asks his faithful slave, Demetrius, whether he wants to go along.

• Diana hurries to bid Marcellus good-bye and Marcellus notes that he wants to say more than he does, but knows he can't...

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