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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through 41-End.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The day after the father and son make cakes, what happens when the son calls out to the person who approaches him?
(a) The person runs up to the son.
(b) The person starts yelling at the son.
(c) The person stops and stares and the son.
(d) The person runs away.

2. What do the father and son do after their discovery in the trailer?
(a) They build a fire.
(b) They stop and rest.
(c) They move on.
(d) They call for help.

3. A few days after meeting the thief, what town do the father and son come to?
(a) A port town.
(b) A burned-out town.
(c) A small town.
(d) A mining town.

4. After leaving the woods, the father and son come to a road -- what does the father call this road?
(a) The States roads.
(b) The Black roads.
(c) The Forgotten roads.
(d) The Endless roads.

5. What does the boy find when they take things from the cart?
(a) His mother's necklace.
(b) An old pair of shoes.
(c) A basketball.
(d) Toys.

Short Answer Questions

1. At the end of Chapter 8, what does the father cough up?

2. The father and son comb the beach -- what do they find?

3. How are the father and son feeling when they leave the hidden cellar?

4. The father wakes from a dream and claims dreaming is not good -- what was he dreaming about?

5. As the father and son continue their journey, why is it getting so difficult to push the cart?

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